Be Bold. Be Unique.

Inspired by our city and driven by a passionate team of designers we set out to break the mold of contemporary watch design. The result is an avant-garde brand which is captivating the industry with  innovative and breathtaking designs.

Our story began in 2015 with a vision to reshape the traditional idea of what a watch company could be. We wanted our brand to be different. So we decided our core design philosophy would be avant-garde, meaning  "new and unusual or experimental ideas", hence the name Avant Wood. With this in mind we launched our first wooden watch collection with a unique option of having each watch engraved with a personalized message. In the first few weeks of launch we were sold out! We knew we had something special.

Since our launch we have become a global brand recognized for our innovative and unique designs. We are proud to be able to share our journey and products with thousands of Avant Wood owners around the world.

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver The Perfect Gift with our premium line of watches and accessories. Each of our products are masterfully crafted from only the highest quality woods, steels and leathers on the market. The remarkable attention to detail and unquestionable craftsmanship makes each of our products a stand alone piece.